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A digital marketing manager with 9+ years of experience promoting software products and services.

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The Full Story of My Professional Growth and What I'm Passionate About

As a mar tech enthusiast, I do believe that marketing automation tools and platforms and emerging AI-powered marketing software have a great potential, when properly combined with marketing and domain expertise.

I started my career as a link building specialist, and in the first years of my working journey I've been doing SEO (mostly link building), then got particular experience with Google Ads, shifted to SEM activities, helping businesses to increase both free and paid traffic from search engines and niche sites.

As I was diving hands-on into other new areas of digital marketing like content marketing, event marketing, marketing emails, I immersed myself into the lead generation process and marketing strategy. I was able to help companies not just get more visitors to their web assets, but plan and develop marketing strategy and assets according to their business goals, increase overall web visibility for brands, and help businesses get most out of web traffic in terms of sales.

Actually, that is still an attractive part of work for me - learning industry trends and customers’ pain points and developing effective landing pages with offer value delivered in the most captivating and appealing way.

The experience I've got as an in-house marketer in software companies with advanced b2b products and services, made me a true lover of content marketing, inbound marketing methodology, and HubSpot platform. Also I had a chance to develop and kick off an Account Based Marketing pilot campaign.

My last in-house position was a managing role (digital marketing team lead), and I feel comfortable leading a team or а standalone project.

Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Digital marketing tools and platforms are constantly evolving. It's important to stay up to date on their features, and learn best practices on how to fully use their potential.


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