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Hey! I'm Tatsiana Nizova, a seasoned digital marketer with 9+ years of experience growing software products and businesses.

How I Can Help Your Software Business Thrive Online

Increase traffic
Increase traffic
I can help you to get the most out of your marketing assets, develop new content and advertising strategies, identify and utilize niche marketing opportunities.
Generate leads
Generate leads
Applying advanced digital strategies on platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn & constantly testing and optimizing landing pages experiences, I'll help you generate high-quality leads at a reasonable cost.
Expert advice
Expert advice
If you're stuck in your marketing efforts, spending significant budgets on ads and not getting results, creating content and not gaining in organic traffic, or just looking for consultancy & professional support, contact me.

My career path

to a Full Stack Digital Marketer

Learn more about the milestones and challenges I've experienced on my way to becoming a Full Stack Digital Marketer.

Landed my first job (SEO)


SEM Expert


Digital Marketing Manager


Multiple clients on PPC


HubSpot Enthusiast / Team Leader


Head of Digital Marketing


World known brands I've had a chance to work with as an in-house marketer

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Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Digital marketing tools and platforms are constantly evolving. It's important to stay up to date on their features and learn best practices on how to fully use their potential.


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