I’m in online marketing since 2008. I started as a link builder at a software development company when I was a student. What I loved most about that job was that I had a chance to research non-standard solutions to develop company’s link profile and implement them, I got heavily involved in this process.

I’ve completed my BSc in Marketing in 2009.

I left my first company in 2010. Since then I worked at a web design studio on clients’ websites SEO, at a small startup company with a handful of projects with a focus on AdSense monetization, at a famous Forex broker company promoting FX trading products and services, at a software company with a catalog of add-on products for ecommerce.


Along with search engine marketing (activities aimed at gaining traffic and visibility from search engines) I have an experience in PPC advertising and social media marketing. I planned and maintained banner campaigns and forum marketing campaigns (FX and money markets). At a particular stage of my professional development I immersed myself in content marketing projects and lead generation.


I have BSc in Marketing and I perceive the art of online marketing from the point of traditional marketer. Paying enough attention to target audience, product advantages, purchase triggers analysis is quite an important part for me. I merge this part with the knowledge on actual web marketing tools and techniques and make it happen for you to see successful internet marketing campaign in action.